Name: Linda

Year: 5th Year

Major: Molecular & Cell Biology

SHEP Role: Wednesday Sex 101 DeCal Co-Facilitator

Favorite (Sexiest) Place on Campus: Eucalyptus Grove


The Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) seeks to promote healthy sexuality and sex positivity across the UC Berkeley campus! We are a team of trained undergraduate students who are passionate about sexual health. You can experience what our program is about by joining our Sex 101 DeCal, requesting workshops for your organization, dropping by our Sexpert Education (or HIV) Clinic on Fridays 12-3PM at the Health Promotion Office at the Tang Center, and/or stopping by our table on Sproul during Wet Wednesdays to talk to us!

Many people may think our program is strictly geared towards students who are sexually active and/or they think almost every college student is also having sex – but both of those are not true! Whether you are engaging in sexual activity or not, we will treat you equally with respect because we are all for supporting every student’s own personal choices and journey. I think it’s awesome if you’re someone who chooses to have sex, and I think it’s just as awesome if you’re someone who chooses not to – we are here to listen to you and to empower you, not to judge you.

This will be my third semester in SHEP and I’m so incredibly excited to be co-facilitating our Wednesday DeCal section! I first took this DeCal during Fall 2014 and then shortly joined SHEP afterwards. The rest, you could say, is history. I really can’t wait to meet you, whether that’s in the DeCal or on campus somewhere 🙂