img_1182Hi, my name is Veronica Landeros but you can call me Veronica Vibes* and I am in the Sex 101 DeCal. I had the pleasure of doing a Random Act of Sexiness (RAS) as I passed out 30 condoms in Unit 2, Davidson Residence Hall in all eight floors at 7:00 pm. I decided to pass out the condoms in the dorms because I felt students would be feel more comfortable accepting a condom if they were surrounded by other people or roommates and not feel awkward about it.

This experience was very enjoyable to me because I knew I was doing something good to promote safe sex to college students. At times students would be uncomfortable and they would decide not to have a condom and that was fine. Although, for the most part all students where very thankful and sometimes even surprised when I offered them condoms. The look on their faces was priceless. Overall this was a rewarding experience that I would enjoy doing again.