My name is Yummy Yasmin and I did my random act of sexiness on a Tuesday (October 20th) at Sather Gate. I started at approximately 2:00 PM, I figured I might as well complete it during my hour and a half gap in between classes. I was honestly so pumped for this, I’ve never put myself out there like that before, and I was more than open to the new experience! I didn’t have any prior flyering-esque experience, but I was confident I would have no problem with handing out condoms to the students on campus. After all, who wouldn’t accept free condoms? I thought it might be, at most, a little bit awkward at first, so I wasn’t prepared for how nervous I actually got. I had asked a friend to take the photo for the blog post, so I wasn’t alone, but I still felt super uncomfortable. I was there for a good 5 minutes trying to start but I had the hardest time! Turns out it wasn’t as easy as I had thought it’d be, when it came down to it. Even with my friend there, encouraging me, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. I finally convinced myself to start, and this first person I approached didn’t accept them – He said he shouldn’t because they would make him too optimistic, whatever that meant.

img_0453I was kind of discouraged but I just kept trying, and the third person finally accepted them. After this point it just got easier and easier. The first few rejections were hard, but the more practice I got, the more comfortable I was. I found myself mostly approaching girls though, and my friend encouraged me to start asking more guys that passed by so I did. I found though that most guys really wouldn’t take them. I took a break after about half an hour, having handing out a little more than half of the condoms– I had 13 condoms left. But even as I was walking off campus I would offer them to people as I passed by, at this point the phrase, “Would you like free condoms? It’s for my Sex 101 DeCal” seemed natural.  When I came back on campus, around 3:20 PM, I started handing them out closer to Sproul Hall, and I was definitely a lot more relaxed than the first time, and was able to give out the remaining condoms more quickly than the first time. Overall, I had a great time! I was nervous at first, yeah, but as soon as I just threw myself in there and started, it was easy sailing after that. I couldn’t believe how genuinely nonchalant I was at the end; I didn’t feel constrained or nervous. Even my friend was surprised, she would ‘dare’ me to go up to certain people and I would, no problem. I would definitely do this again, this is exactly the kind of experiences I was looking forward to for this class!