Alright, let’s do THIS!!! My heartbeat quickened as I stuck my hand in my backpack, feeling around to find the plastic baggie full of condoms. I could already feel my cheeks blushing. Excited. Anxious. Empowered even. I took my first step onto Sproul where all the different organizations set up their tables. I eyed every organization on the right side. Then I glanced at the organizations on the left side. I chose to deliver the condoms starting with the right side. I approached Colleges Against Cancer and asked the two student representatives, “Hey, would you like some free condoms? I’m passing it out for my Sex Health DeCal.” Immediately, without hesitation, the two individuals cracked a smile and extended their hand. No questions asked, just appreciative, good vibes. Whoa, that was better than I thought. Let’s try this next table: Delta Sigma Pi. There were three student representatives this time. I threw them the same 2-liner. However, this time, one student questioned the brand, while the two others kept quiet observing the student and I’s interaction. Once the first student nodded and accepted the condoms, the two other observing students were both game for free condoms too.

Woo! One more table and I’ll be out of condoms! I walked up to the final student group and they too warmly welcomed the free condoms and thanked me.

I stepped foot onto Sproul with the expectation that I would receive weird looks in response to passing out condoms. I realized through this activity that the students I approached were more comfortable to accept condoms in front of others, rather than act embarrassed and decline. I previously thought students would be embarrassed to accept the condoms because 1) I am a stranger and 2) sometimes one’s sexual activity is kept hush hush/ spoken only with close friends/sexual partner(s). Although I reached a smaller pool of students than I expected (7 students total), I still enjoyed this activity immensely. Contributing to a culture of healthy sex behavior and being able to provide resources to encourage safe sex/ sex behaviors made me happy from top to bottom. As I walked away, my older sister’s voice echoed in my mind: “Safe sex is the best sex!”sdgfsdg