I handed out the condoms in my residential campus at Clark Kerr. I handed them out on Friday September 23rd from 6-8pm. I was able to hand out all of my condoms, because at times, people did want more than one but I limited it to about 3 per person. I was able to explain that I was a part of the Student Health Educationimage Program and needed to convey the message of safer sex to about 30 people. I was able to engage in a conversation about the need to practice safer sex not just for birth control options, but for preventing diseases. I was met by a girl who refused to take the condoms because she was “already on the birth control pill.” I replied by saying that the pill does not protect against STI’s and she changed her mind about accepting them. I found that more people than expected refused to accept the condoms. But in general, those who did accept condoms were very enthusiastic and willing to listen to the cause.