For my random act of sexiness I went to the fraternity house Delta Upsilon during a social event called “Big Sisters” on Tuesday September 20. I was able to hand out all 30 condoms to the brothers of Delta Upsilon and a small handful of girls in the following sororities: Tri Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Delta Gamma, Chi Omega, Alpha Phi, and Alpha Omicron Pi.  I was not surprised that boys were more willing to take the condoms than the girls at the event. When I would first ask if they wanted a condom I would normally get a weird looks and hesitation to answer.  I would then have to explain that I was apart of the Sex 101 decal supporting safe sex. After my explanation as to why I was handing out condoms they were more willing to take them. One of the boys I offered a condom to asked if he could have another and what different types I had, while I had multiple girls turn down my offer. I noticed that girls were more likely to turn down the condom if they were with a girl friend rather than a guy. Over all it was a good experience and I enjoyed it more than I expected!