When you get a pack of condoms in a zip lock bag—you just have a mild panic attack. Not really, but really. I say this because I have never freely walked around with a bag of condoms, at most, I have had a solid three pack of Trojans stuffed into the back of my night stand. Even with those stowed away, I felt a lingering amount of constant anxiety in wondering how I would appear to be if someone found those in my drawer full of colored pencils and random panty liners. Nonetheless, now as this assignment was distributed, I took this time to reclaim my sexiness and develop a master plan of attack. It became a little side job for me, “hey want some of these goods”, as I flashed a Rough Rider to everyone I walked passed.

To say the least, as daunting as I first thought this assignment to be, it was not at all. The night I got my stash of rubbers, as I call them, I took so social media, Snap Chat to be exact, announcing that I had condoms and I would be passing them out on a first come first serve basis. Apparently I have one hell of a following, that the next day on campus—everyone bombarded me with the “Where ya at” texts. It was great. I walked through the Student Learning Center, the sides of Cesar Chavez, and finally I handed out my last couple of protective gears at my own student meeting. Half of my inventory was granted to those who found me themselves, and the other half was distributed to students I found throughout campus. When I first pulled out the plastic bag full of condoms, I felt as if I was insulting folks who were by standers—I felt as if I was causing them to feel uncomfortable in a safe space. But then it hit me, safe spaces, from my point of view, also cater to their inhabitants and making sure one practices safely happened to be one of my goals! However, I also encountered some people who were totally against receiving a condom, and I immediately made sure I understood the other person’s no, and did not keep persisting for them to take one. What I did notice was that I had much more luck handing out these condoms to females than males. I only had one male identifying student take a condom. Majority of the males I spoke to were hesitant and questioned me on why I even had a bag full of condoms. Hmm.

In a matter of one day on campus, I distributed 29 condoms, and ended up having one Magnum left for myself. The last Magnum was actually one I wanted to keep, until I partially scared myself thinking about how most guys do not really need the Magnum size anyway, and I do not want any slippage, so I gave it away as well!

The results from my RAS assignment were amazing, and it even gave me the external confidence to go up to someone and pass them a condom in public. (:

P.S. I also asked people how many condoms would they prefer just because I personally felt one would not have lasted a couple of rounds, and I wanted to prepare everyone for the weekend (or future since they expire in 2021).