My name is Teresa Yu and I’m part of the Sex 101 Decal in the Wednesday section. I passed out 30 condoms on September 27th for half an hour on Sproul Plaza. Initially, the idea of passing out 30 condoms seemed fun and quirky and I was super excited to do the assignment. However, I didn’t anticipate being nervous until actually showing up at Sproul. There were less people than I expected at around noon on a weekday so the emptiness of the location already started to make me feel nervous. It’s a good thing that I ended up partnering up with Nelly and we both felt the same way. We both had our individual bags of condoms and slowly inched toward the middle of Sproul Plaza as we got more comfortable.

People were not as receptive to having condoms offered to them as I expected. I expected more people to be excited that there were free condoms available. There were a lot of puzzled faces and concerned looks. One girl actually came up to us and asked for one, which was surprisingly nice. There were a number of people who gladly accepted and said, “Hell yeah, free condoms!” but there were many more “Ehh, no thanks”. Maybe people were too busy with midterms or the hot weather was making people less welcoming. We eventually got more comfortable with offering condoms and managed to get rid of the entire bag. The whole ordeal was super fun and got me out of my comfort zone. It’s also nice knowing that I was spreading sex positivity on campus.