Today, I gave out free condoms on Sproul to anyone on the UC Berkeley campus (that wasn’t a minor). I went into this assignment with excitement. I am a very social individual and I love meeting new people and putting a smile on someone’s face—this assignment was perfect! To my surprise, I found myself feeling a bit awkward standing on Sproul giving out condoms. Although I did this alongside an awesome classmate, I still felt a bit out of place.

            Honestly, I felt like a hypocrite handing out condoms while I myself don’t use them. I think this has something to say about how much this assignment meant for me. It allowed me to ask myself why I felt the way I did while doing the assignment and think deeper about it. I am very open when it comes to my sexuality and I find it easy to discuss the topic of sex, yet I felt awkwardness at the beginning of doing the task…why? I eventually handed out most of the condoms but I also want to think about why so many people rejected taking FREE condoms. So many questions that I have yet to answer.