Daisy and I passed out condoms in front of MLK. It was super chill and a lot of fun. We were lucky because we were there during a high traffic period where there was a lot of students, but still a lot of people weren’t really taking the condoms. People weren’t weird about it at all. There seemed to be a binary between people who wouldn’t take the condoms (the majority) and the people who wanted the condoms actually would want more. One of my guy friends I ran into while passing out the condoms commented that people probably wouldn’t take them if they were coming from him (just because he’s a guy) so I gave him a couple and we tried competing passing them out. People were just as accepting of his condoms as they were of mine. I think part of the reason people didn’t mind/weren’t weird about it at all is because people are used to be passed unusual things while out on sproul/in Berkeley in general.
There wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy about how people accepted condoms. I did feel a little awkward because I was basically standing out there in public very loudly asking people to take my condoms, but it was also really fun and funny and I think those kinds of experiences make me feel more comfortable with myself and being open about the topic of sex. People found the little comments on them really cute and funny and some people snapchatted them. There wasn’t a dramatic difference between the number of guys or girls who took my condoms.
This decal has been a lot of fun and I’m glad I could participate in these kinds of activities that push me outside of my regular activities and my comfort zone!