Jessica and I walked around Sproul and Sather Gate to complete our Random Acts of Sexiness. We attempted to target different “types” of people to see who would accept a condom happily and who would laugh and avoid eye contact with us. One thing we both noticed immediately were overwhelming majority of reactions that were made up of embarrassment and avoidance of us. Even though I am aware and have been convinced that Berkeley is a very sex positive environment, there were so many people that immediately became uncomfortable from the word “sex” or “condom”. But also I realized that since we have such a diverse range of cultures at Berkeley, it’s completely understandable that people from different cultures that don’t emphasize sex education or even talk about sex, would feel uncomfortable when a random stranger asks if they would like a free condom. Sex is such a natural human need and I feel like it shouldn’t be something that is spoken in hushed tones behind closed doors. These reactions made me realize that topics surrounding sex and sexual health need more attention and discussion. Safe, consensual sex should be celebrated and I think it’s really fun to talk about sex and share experiences with other people. I hope that through RAS, people that did AND did not accept condoms will at least think about sex and sexual health and become more open and comfortable to the topic. Another thing Jessica and I changed during the experience was to change the way we approached people from “Would you like a free condom?” to “Would you like a free condom, provided by the Tang Center?”. Then we would explain that we were in the Sex DeCal and promoting safe sex and sexual health. But people were more willing to accept a condom with the inclusion of the Tang Center because the condom’s seemed more reliable to take instead of seeming like they were taking really sketchy old condoms. All in all, Jessica and I had a lot of fun and laughed a lot completing our Random Acts of Sexiness. This experience was very insightful and eye-opening.