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Making It Rain…Condoms!

Wednesday was another terrific day to hand out condoms! Out on Sproul, I had my visiting partner aid me in handing condoms out to eager students, and he did so in the penis costume!  It was his first time doing this, and Suki RAS 2his first exposure to SHEP.  It really helped break down his misconceptions about the program and he was so excited to participate again.  I was there as his guide and there to answer questions students had!

Some students asked about the purpose of condoms distribution and I simply replied, “we do not promote sexual activity, but if students choose to engage in it, we aid them in doing it safely.” Sadly, we ran out of condoms too quickly and when we were headed back to the TANG center, more students approached us about condoms.  We had to direct them to the TANG center and told them to check us out on SHAW week.  The highlight of the day was when a group of students sitting on the grass beckoned us to give them all condoms while they were sitting down.  My partner ended up “making it rain” condoms on them, so that they could all have at least one!

~ Semen Sucking Suki

Even Safer Sex Has a Slow Day

single blue condomHey everybody, last Friday I tabled for SHEP again. I always enjoy seeing so many new faces that I never get see every day. It was a slow day. Not that many people were at Sproul. Most of them were high school students on a field trip, but some of them were interested at our table. Of course, we did not give them safer sex supplies because we are not allowed to give people under the age of 18 any, but we did answer any questions they might have had. I did see an old friend from high school. He came to check out our table and it was nice to see a familiar face when business was going slow. It was probably the first time we did not give out all our condoms. It was still a good experience and I got some vitamin D from that beautiful sunshine. When I got home though, I found out I almost got sunburned. This will not stop me from tabling. I love to tan, I love to meet new people, and I love to teach others about sex! Hope to see more people out there next week!  ~ Magic Mike

Berkeley’s Pat Brown’s Just Got Sexier!

Lizi RAS 1 On Wednesday, October 16th, In Me Isabel and I completed a random act of sexiness! We took traditional condoms, insertive condoms, lube, and dental dams over to Pat Brown’s on  campus to pass them out to fellow UC Berkeley students! We tried our best to politely ask the students that were eating lunch to grab some free safe sex supplies. We were fairly  successful, but after we realized that most people were focused on lunch and studying at Pat Brown’s, we made our way towards Sproul passing them out to people as we walked. We  encountered a lot of excited responses to the offer of free supplies. We also encountered a few “No”s but that didn’t stop us from passing out our entire supply for the day. As we got  closer to Sproul and more students were around the condoms and etc were basically flying out of our baskets! I personally passed out around 40 various safer sex items. It was a lot of fun,  and we even ran into our fellow Sexpert Suki wearing SHEP’s famous Penis costume!

~ Lick Me Lizi

Random Acts of Sexiness: BIG QUEER EVENT


Hello everyone! Big Queer Event went down Thursday, October 10 at 7 pm in Annahead Hall at the Martinez Commons. As usual, the event was filled with happy members of the Queer Community and allies of all different backgrounds and spaces. I was happy to see many QPOC (Queer People of Color) attend the event!

Anyway, when I entered I was greeted by the event coordinator, and I just took my basket filled with traditional condoms, water and silicone based lube, and dental dams. People would swarm to my basket with tons of questions! Most notable were:

What is the difference between silicone and water based lube?

-In short, silicone lube tends to last longer since the body doesn’t absorb it as it does with water-based lube. Both are safe to use vaginally and anally, but since the anus doesn’t create its own lubrication, silicone is recommended.

What condom can help my boyfriend’s penis from stop chaffing?

-For this I had to use my facilitation skills, of which I asked a question for clarification, “Is he allergic to latex?” and they said “Yes.” So, I gladly handed him a non-latex traditional condom.

What is a dental dam and can everyone use it?

-I opened up an expired dental dam for the purpose of education and showed them that it was a stretchy piece of latex, or non-latex if using the “Hot Dam” brand, that can be used as a barrier method when performing or receiving analingus or cunnilingus. I would then hand them lube of their choice, so they can put it on their partner’s side, and told them they can have anything on their side!

In one hour, I passed my entire traditional condom load, which was around 50, all the lubes, and a few of the dental dams. Everyone was eager to learn what I had, and I left with a happy outreach!

Menage a trois Monica

Outreach: Kunnilingus Kim and DTF Daysha at PAHC

Hello all! A new semester has started and I am pleased to announce that I have completed my first workshop of the semester! I had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow student leader “DTF” Daysha and the organization Philipino Association for Health Careers (PAHC), the topic being safer sex. I had a good time leading some of the activities SHEP is known for. We did some traditional condom demos, insertive condom overview, lubey handshake, and the exploding condom demo, all which were really fun and educational at the same time!

Although this workshop was a bit different than the other ones have done in the past (PAHC officers gave the presentation on STI’s and unintended consequences) , we still managed to answer member’s questions and were able to clear up any misconceptions, misinformation or add to anything that wasn’t said. And because the audience was really engaged and friendly, I felt like SHEP’s presence was really felt and our mission accomplished‼ We Sexperts are there to fill this campus with sexual knowledge one workshop at a time‼

–“Kunnilingus” Kim

On September 19, Kunnilingus Kim and I presented during the Pilipino Association for Health Career’s (PAHC) 1st General Meeting. The topic we spoke about included barrier methods, forms of contraception, common STIs among college students, and types of lubrication. About 50 people showed up for the event; mostly UC Berkeley Pilipino American college students and their friends. I had a great time teaching my fellow Pilipino American UC Berkeley students how to put on a traditional condom, and other skills like “cheeking”!

I identify as a 2nd generation Pilipino American, so I know that there are conservative views in most Pilipino homes–which means that proper sexual health education is probably not discussed. My really close friend, in fact, was 20 years old when I taught her what a “clitoris” is. I just felt really good being able to reach out to my own community and provide them with information that they may be able to use in the future.

– DTF Daysha

Outreach: Magic Mike Spreading Sex Positivity

Mike Oct 11On Friday, my fellow sexperts and I tabled at Sproul to promote sex positivity on campus. It was a rough crowd at first because not that many people were taking our condoms and not that many people came to check out our table. Our luck changed when an elderly woman came to our table with excitement and pride. She told us that she was promoting sexual health in UC Berkeley in 1964. She was so thrilled to see how we were carrying out her legacy and we were inspired to hear from a veteran sexpert. The day went on and we passed out so many condoms. I gave condoms to around 50 people. About 5 people approached me to ask about our program and being able to tell them about what we do was the best part of my day. I’m proud to be a sexpert and I get excited when I see people interested in the things we do. I told them all about our workshops and all 5 seemed pretty interested in it. There was one girl that I offered condoms to that said, “I don’t trust free condoms because the quality isn’t as good.” I assured her that the condoms were like any other traditional condom a person can get at a store, but it is better because it would not cost anything to her. She remained skeptical, but I was not going to force her to take any and continued offering condoms to other people. Overall, I felt like we made a big impact and many more people know about us now. Soon, everyone will know who we are when they hear the words SHEP and sexpert.

– Magic Mike

Outreach: Kinky Khajee and O Face Olivia

On October 11th, 2013 I, along with other sexperts tabled out on sproul. As always it was a sex positive experience. My favorite part of the shift was saying sexy lines to try and get people to take safer sex supplies. I was tired of saying “free condoms!” (but I don’t know how anyone could get tired of hearing “free condoms!”) So the sexperts and I started saying some different phrases such as “don’t be silly, wrap your willy!” and “wrap it before you tap it!” After I gave out a condom I made sure to say “Yeah! stay safe and sexy america!” People really enjoyed this line and I believe it made taking condoms a fun experience. I also tried a somewhat aggressive approach, which does not always work. If people were hesitant about taking a condom and they had a pocket that was easily accessible I would simply stick it into their pocket. I felt like a reverse pickpocketer. And while some people laughed and said thank you, some people were not happy about it all and quickly returned it. Other than people returning condoms I secretly gave them, it was a great, sex positive day!

– Kinky Khajee

It was on Friday October 11 at 12:30 and lucky number 13 was the number of people that took condoms from me today! It was so much fun to table on Sproul and to get people’s attention by yelling silly little catch phrases such as, “Don’t be silly wrap your willy.” All the people that took condoms from me were really happy, I even got some thrilling thank yous! We also managed to use our resources that were on Sproul to get people to take our condoms. Kinky Khajee brought her puppy Layla and anyone that would reach down to pet her had to take a condom. I would call that a win-win situation. One organization was selling donuts and a girl from there joined us in trying to hand out condoms and sell donuts.

– O Face Olivia

Sexpert: Lick Me Lizi

Hi! My name is Lizi and I am a SexIMG_3127pert for the Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP). My fellow Sexperts know me by my sexy name “Lick Me Lizi!” I am currently a sophomore studying Conservation and Resource Studies here at Cal. I joined SHEP because I believe everyone has the right to knowledge about safer sex, and that not everyone seeks out that knowledge! SHEP is an amazing way to get comfortable talking about sex and sexuality, and to learn the safest and most fun ways to have a successful sex life starting in college and continuing for the rest of your life. This year I am really looking forward to beginning to table on Sproul to get more Cal students involved with SHEP, pass out more safer sex materials, and maybe even parade around in our famous Penis costume. I am really excited to meet more people that are interested in expanding their knowledge on sexual health, and meet people that may want to be a Sexpert one day! If you see me on campus feel free to say “Hey!” or ask me anything about SHEP!

Outreach: Reach for the Lube

Hello all you beautiful people! So on Friday, September 27 at 1 pm I’ve had the chance to get out and table on Sproul for the first time as a Sexpert in SHEP. I had passed out condoms for National Condom Week with the Sex 101 Decal, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to officially do it as a Sexpert, and boy let me tell you, it was so much fun and so empowering to get out there and talk to individuals on the CAL campus about safer sex methods. Though several people just wanted condoms, a lot of people actually had interesting questions and concerns regarding sexual health. One person in specific, was very interesting in lube and the different types. After I answered his questions, he seems genuinely pleased and also very excited to try out the new lube I had given him. Overall, it seemed a successful day on Sproul knowing that I passed out 50+ condoms to very excited students!

–Jiggling Jugs Jasmine

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