You’ve got questions, SHEP interns have answers! Sexpert Education Clinic hours are unique in that students can come in to talk about anything sex related, obtain free condom, dental dam, and lube samples.

Topics you might want to talk about are:

  • Safer sex and how to make it fun
  • Sexual pleasure and orgasm
  • Decision-making and alternatives to sex
  • Contraceptive options, as well as emergency contraception
  • LGBTIQQ sexual health issues
  • Sexual communication with a partner
  • STI/HIV testing and resources
  • Anything else that comes up! (No pun intended)

Clinic is held every Friday, 12-3pm at Health Promotion in the Tang Center.

To view the calendar and schedule an appointment, please click on the link: (Make sure to be logged into your gmail or bconnected email account). Click an available time slot  titled “SHEP Drop-In Clinic Appointment”. Type in your name and the topic of your appointment. A confirmation email will be sent after clicking “Save”.

HIV Testing

Our Sexperts are trained and qualified to administer rapid, confidential HIV Testing. Testing is held once a month at Health Promotion in the Tang Center during Sexpert Education Clinic hours.


February 23, 2018

March 23, 2018

April 27, 2018

To book a free and confidential HIV Testing appointment use this link: . Click on an open slot and add any important details you wish to share in the description box. A confirmation email will be sent after clicking “Save”.

All SHEP Sexpert Education Clinic appointments are free and confidential and partners are welcomed to attend!