Nymphomaniacs group chalking for SHAWOn October 18th, The Nymphomaniacs went to chalk on Bancroft. This portion of Bancroft led uphill to International House, towards the fraternity and sorority houses, co-ops, dorms, and other student living arrangements. We made sure our chalking would hit a large proportion of Berkeley students.

Per request of Kabazzah Kia, we made our first stop in front of his fraternity to announce Kabazzah Kia’s love for SHEP and chalked in bright colors “Cum ask us about safe sex.” Just writing the word “sex” on the paved sidewalk was entertaining as people who passed by were turning their necks and  bending sideways to read what we wrote on the ground. “Sex” is such a powerful word that has the power to throw people off guard and grab their attention. Magic Mike had the idea to draw a penis ejaculating onto the word “cum” to make it more descriptive and visual.

We worked our way up to International house where we chalked “Are you a pro/anxious/interested in safe sex? Talk with a SHEP Sexpert” and Magic Mike chalked “Wanna picture with a penis? 10/28-10/31 on Sproul” and you better believe it, the Penis will be present and Sproul everyday of SHAW. To add a special touch, we alternated drawing penises and vaginas as arrows that led to our beautiful sidewalk masterpieces. We drew vaginas and penises in different shapes and sizes because everybody’s genitalia is different from one another. And that in itself is one of the magnificent parts of sex and our sexual organs.

~ Slip ‘n Slide Summer