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Sexpert: “Ass Slapping” Ana


Hello everyone! My name’s Adriana (Ana) AKA “Ass Slapping” Ana and I’m an incoming sexpert with SHEP. I’m a 5th year, Integrative Biology major, bay area mujer born and raised. I decided to join SHEP because I grew up without a comprehensive sex education that included discussion about consent and sex positivity. My first notions about sex were from conversations with friends and a lot of the times they were vulnerable and scary conversations. From my experiences, I think that being curious about sex and wanting to be informed about it is something that should be encouraged. I hope that through SHEP I can reach out to people of all different backgrounds and help them feel confident about their choices when it comes to sex! The point is it’s YOUR choice. I look forward to talking to you all about safer sex and any other questions you all might have for me!

Sexpert: In-Me Isabel


Greetings sexy Cal Bears, I’m “In-me” Isabel and I’m here to help you get your freak on with yourself, partner(s), and everything else your wonderfully imaginative minds desire. As a 3rd and former FemSexy, there couldn’t be a better place for me to explore the connection between the brain and body than in the tantalizing topics we talk about in SHEP. The part I’m most looking forward to in being a Sexpert is the chance to allow people to familiarize themselves with their bodies and passions, and if they chose, to extend that self- awareness and self-love and share it with a partner(s). Because however much we may think people are or aren’t engaging in certain sexy behaviors, only you can know your tastes and limits. So in my time at SHEP, I would like to use an idea taken from FemSex, yet originated in SHEP, to “Don’t yuck my yum,” simply asking to not find judgment in whatever you might find appealing, because you never know what just might be your biggest turn-on! Roll on (your condom) you Bears!

Sexpert: Jiggling Jugs Jasmine

553981_10200700855343853_1132604237_nHello All! My name is Jasmine, but my Sexy name is Jiggling Jugs Jasmine. I’m a sophomore with an intended double major in English and Philosophy. As an incoming Sexpert, I’ve gotten the opportunity to be a part of this amazing program called SHEP or the Sexual Health Education Program that is under the Tang center. As a Sexpert, I get the chance to educate the campus about safer sex methods, sexual health, and promote sex positivity. We also put on a variety of events including tabling, events on Sproul (like SHAW, Sexual Health Awareness Week and NCW, National Condom Week), run workshops and a Decal. The reason I became a Sexpert is not only because I LOVE sex, but also because I took the Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health Decal. In this Decal I became so much more open about my sexuality, explored topics that I was not so sure about, and ultimately got my mind opened to the wonderful world that is sex. As the great Marilyn Monroe stated, “ Sex is a part of nature, and I go along with nature”. With that being said, SHEP is the most sexy, fun, and interesting program out there, so…

Stay sexy, be safe, and love more.

Jiggling Jugs Jasmine

Sexpert: Lick Me Lizi

Hi! My name is Lizi and I am a SexIMG_3127pert for the Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP). My fellow Sexperts know me by my sexy name “Lick Me Lizi!” I am currently a sophomore studying Conservation and Resource Studies here at Cal. I joined SHEP because I believe everyone has the right to knowledge about safer sex, and that not everyone seeks out that knowledge! SHEP is an amazing way to get comfortable talking about sex and sexuality, and to learn the safest and most fun ways to have a successful sex life starting in college and continuing for the rest of your life. This year I am really looking forward to beginning to table on Sproul to get more Cal students involved with SHEP, pass out more safer sex materials, and maybe even parade around in our famous Penis costume. I am really excited to meet more people that are interested in expanding their knowledge on sexual health, and meet people that may want to be a Sexpert one day! If you see me on campus feel free to say “Hey!” or ask me anything about SHEP!

Sexpert: Semen Sucking Suki


suki intro 1

Hi everyone!

I am a fellow Sexpert in training, the always eager to spread her knowledge, Semen Sucking Suki! I probably am gunning for a gold medal in the worst possible sexual debuts ever! So unsafe and so traumatic to my body that I took a vow of celibacy. Even though that vow only lasted a year, I hate to imagine other people experiencing the same discomfort and trauma as me. So, since I was uneducated with sexual knowledge, I want to make sure everyone else is informed to avoid my disastrous experience!

I am so excited to meet new people and to show them how to love their bodies and how to keep those fabulous bodies safe! Sex is a beautiful thing, so let’s keep it that way!

Sexpert: Kinky Khajee


Hello there sexy people! My name is Khadija but here at SHEP I like to go by Kinky Khajee! Khajee introI am one of the newest UC Berkeley’s SHEP sexperts. I was introduced to SHEP when I took the Sex 101 decal my freshmen year. Even though I was not sexually active during that time, I truly believed that I knew everything I needed to know to about sex…I was so wrong. The sex 101 decal taught me so much necessary and useful information, so that when I was ready to have sex, I was prepared and boy did I know how to properly put on a condom, which is an intricate process. After taking the class I realized that everyone deserves to know this sexy information and I wanted to help teach it, so I joined SHEP and I am so glad I did. I look forward to meeting you all and answering any questions you may have. So if you see me tabling at sproul, teaching a workshop, or just eating somewhere on campus, do not be hesitant to come up and say hi! See you around!

Sexpert: Magic Mike

Hey there! My name is Michael, but you can call me Magic Mike. I’m a second year undergrad student in UC Berkeley and I’m majoring in nutritional science. I am a rookie sexpert for SHEP, the Sexual Health Educational Program, and we are a part of the Health Promotion department in the Tang Center. I first became aware of SHEP when I took the decal class called Sex 101. It was fun, relaxing, and still the best class I have taken in Berkeley so far. Ever since I was a kid, I have always been curious about sex, but my parents never taught me anything. Mike intro imageI had to learn from school, friends, and research I did online. When I found out that I could be a part of SHEP, I jumped right on it. I contacted Robin Mills, the supervisor for SHEP, and got myself a summer internship. Towards the end of my summer internship, I knew I wanted to continue so I applied for a spot in the fall semester and got it. Sex has always been a fun conservation topic for me and my friends. It can be full of laughs and gasps, but we all have a great time. I hope to teach others about sex, especially those who were not raised in a sex positive environment like me, and to also learn more from sex because there is always something new you can learn about sex.

Sexpert: O-Face Olivia

Olivia intro image 2

Hello my sexy little bears. My name is Olivia also known as O-Face Olivia. I am a second year transfer student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Disability Studies. I joined SHEP because I love to make people more sex positive! I also love to shock and open people’s minds by talking about disability and sexuality.

Olivia intro image 1






This year I am excited to educate ya’ll on the wonderful world of sex and how us disabled girls get down! Don’t be intimidated or frightened to ask me questions. I am an open book!

Student Leader: Slip N’ Slide Summer


Hi! My name is Slip N’ Slide Summer: 3rd year Public Health Major and Gender and Women Studies Minor. Now that I’m in my second semester in SHEP, I am once again very excited to blow people’s minds and shine light on the concept of “sex positivity” to those who are unaware of this term. More specifically this semester, I will be in charge of SHEP’s modes of social media. Follow our Instagram: ucbshep. Like our Facebook page: Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP).

Why did I join SHEP? Before attending UC Berkeley, my naïveté and the hush-hush nature of sex increased my curiosity about sex and sexuality. I joined SHEP because sex is fun and can be very empowering to people whether they are in a relationship or not, yet understand that many students can feel uncomfortable and afraid and, thus, shy away from this topic and might not have a peer to ask questions. That is where I come in! I fully promote SHEP’s mission of a sex positive campus while debunking societal norms and disseminating information to make Cal a safer sex campus. Communication is lubrication, so come and talk to me about SEX!

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