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RAS: Breaking Barriers

Reflecting on how nervous I was when I first got this assignment, I realized after there was nothing to be scared of. People were either into it, or were more scared of me. Those into it would gladly accept the safer sex supply either silently or make a grand gesture. Those who were more scared of me made nervous eye contact away and would not verbally say anything, just shake their head or pretend they did not hear or see me.  IMG_0741 (1)

I think NCW and this random act of kindness is uncomfortable thinking about it because sex is still this secretive grown up talk although it is the main focus of advertisements today.

Passing out condoms with a friend, we were able to pass out a full bag in only 7 minutes. Guys accepted condoms more than girls when we offered, but this may be due to a skewed amount of males passing by or the girls passing by were in groups and did not want others to think into it. One guy returned later with a friend hovering behind him, possibly getting condoms for his nervous friend.

-Decal Student Yvette

Jamee’s Random Act of Sexiness

On Wednesday, I complete my “Random Act of Sexiness”. Iunnamed (1) completed it with a friend, so we had 60 bags of condoms to hand out. We started at approximately 3 o’clock so there weren’t many people out on Sproul at that point but it only took us around 15 to 20 minutes to hand out all of the bags of condoms. For the most part, a lot of the people seemed really uncomfortable when I would say “free condoms” or “safe sex” and just walk quickly away or laugh at us awkwardly. Some people, however, were really grateful and even sought us out rather than waiting for us to asking them whether they would like a bag or not.

More girls than guys seemed uncomfortable with the idea of taking the condoms. All the people who were excited about it were men that I can remember except for one woman who looked to be towards her 30’s in age. Another interesting thing that I noted was that a lot of the men who seemed to be actively excited were Caucasian. This was just an observation, but it made me more aware of culture differences that surround sex. I’m also curious as to whether the reason that more men were excited about the condoms is because women tend to get more comfortable with sexuality as they get older or if it’s because women tend to feel that it’s the man’s responsibility to provide the condoms? Either way, there was clearly a discrepancy between men’s and women’s responses to the free condoms.

Overall, the experience was really rewarding. Not only were we advocating a good cause, those who took the condoms genuinely seemed grateful about it, and with Valentine’s Day on Saturday, I’m sure a lot of them will definitely be grateful!

Michelle’s Random Act of Sexiness

I gave out condoms on February 9, 2015 andas February 12, 2015 in various locations around school including Sproul, the benches in front of Dwinelle, and Memorial Glade. It was around 4PM when I handed out condoms. I was able to distribute a total of 30 bags of condoms.

The experience was pretty nerve racking for me at first. The first day that I attempted to give out condoms, I was only able to give it to a couple of girls before losing my courage. It seemed especially difficult to give it to guys at first; however, my second attempt at handing out condoms went a bit smoother. Once again, it took me awhile to build up my courage to even begin handing out condoms again. I ended up making a lot of eye contact with people, but couldn’t bring myself to give them the condoms. I must say that they made me look pretty suspicious. It was hard to scope out individuals I should give condoms to. There were people who just looked were probably old enough for me to give condoms to such as freshmen or sophomores; however, I just felt awkward about giving it to people who looked younger than me.

I found that girls were more uncomfortable about taking condoms compared to guys. I ended up just giving out the rest of the condoms to males because of the positive response I kept getting. They were more comfortable about accepting it and made it a more positive interaction. They showed excitement and were pretty thankful for receiving it as though it was a gift. Overall, the response I got from the males made passing out condoms so much easier. For females, I felt extra self-conscious and worried that they were judging me. In my experience, females were also more prone to not accepting the condoms or simply brushed me off.


Taylor’s Random Act of Sexiness

unnamedGiving out free condoms was surprisingly easy. I quickly established an efficient routine, and after 25 minutes, I had distributed all of my condoms. I approached the person or group and asked if they were interested in some free condoms. If they said yes, I would hand them the packet, explain what was in it, wish them a happy National Condom Week, and tell them to stay safe. If they said no, I told them to have a good day and I moved on. I was surprised how few people asked why I was handing out condoms. Most people had a simple yes or no answer and said nothing more. Many people avoided me by looking at their phones or walking around me without making eye contact, but most people were friendly and happy to receive free condoms. I would happily do it again.

Gevork’s Random Act of Sexiness

I was surprisingly nervous Friday morning because I knew I was going to go out and give people condom-baggies. Honestly I was building it up to be bigger than it was, college kids love having free things handed to them! Right off the bus I turned around and gave three people each a baggy, telling them to check out our table on Sproul. I saw a friend walking my way so I gave him a bag, and I gave two more random students a bag on my way west toward the Tang center. So far all of the recipients were grateful and that made it all the more encouraging. After we grabbed the goodies for the table and brought it to Sproul, I decided to do an all out give away. I walked directly into the swarming 11am crowd and called out “Free condoms stay safe!” Literally 30 seconds… all gone. This felt very thrilling, both guys and girls grabbed the bags, some of them saying thank you (manners people…) I’m glad to know people have some condoms in hand now. Often times sex doesn’t happen because the guy doesn’t have condoms ready, and that’s a sad fact. Stay prepared, stay safe, stay classy Bears.

Wesley’s Random Act of Sexiness




I did my Random Act of Sexiness at Sather gate on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

It was a lot of fun! Really hot, and it was interesting watching people’s reactions when I handed them bags stocked full of safe and sexy solutions for healthy sex.
I did my RAS with a friend, Jamee Stahl, and we distributed a total of 60 bags. Many people were enthusiastic about our bags. I realized that the more excited I got about the bags, the more excited they were too. So I low key shoved my bags into peoples’ faces and screamed “HAVE SAFE SEX” at them until they laughed or ran away.
It was altogether a very eye opening experience. A lot of people actually really wanted our bags, which encouraged me and restored my faith in humanity. But there some people who didn’t want them at all, and that concerns me. Everyone should have safe sex, and prevent the transmission of unwanted STI’s or having unwanted pregnancies.
All in all, I think people really enjoyed our bags of condoms, lube, and other goodies. I hope they’re being put to use for good, and not evil.
I thought a great deal of things during the 30 minutes we passed out our bags. At first, I was admittedly a little abashed, and I wasn’t super comfortable. But after a few minutes, I realized that I was doing people a favor and that they legitimately wanted them too. Of course, we got a lot of nervous chuckles and funny reactions, but it was all in good fun. Some of my church friends stopped by and were astounded when they realized what I was doing.
I sincerely hope that we got people thinking about having safer sex, and that our packets made a difference. It’s definitely opened my mind to a lot of things.

Jonathan’s Random Act of Sexiness

picI did my shift for National Condom Day(February 13, 2015) from 1:10 to 2:30 and in that time a lot of interesting things happened. Since the table was already manned by people, I decided to hand out individual condoms to people walking by Sather Gate. At first, the act of giving condoms to people is awkward, very awkward. Reactions were varied and interesting. Some people took offense and recoiled in disgust for some reason. Others laughed and happily accepted a handful of condoms with a smile. After a while, the initial awkwardness began to wear off and I was eventually more confident to ask people if they wanted condoms. Though I was comfortable asking people if they wanted condoms, asking if people wanted lube was pretty embarrassing. When my shift ended, I helped deconstruct the table for SHEP and carried supplies back to the Tang Center.

Overall, the experience of handing out condoms was pretty awkward, but my apprehension eventually faded away and I was ok with standing there with a handful of condoms in my hands. People for the most part were friendly about accepting condoms; many were enthusiastic to take multiple condoms and lube and that made me feel less awkward. Others were rude and gave me a bad look for wanting to hand them a condom. I think if I had to do this again, I’d still be awkward, but I’d still have fun watching people react in various ways to being offered a condom.


Jae’s Random Act of Sexiness


I did my Random Acts of Sexiness after work at around 7pm on Friday before Valentine’s Day. With that said, this went by pretty quickly. I did it at Sweet Tomatoes and told people via snapchat, as well as people who just came in the restaurant (primarily a younger crowd). I thought this would be pretty awkward at first considering it’s just giving out sex kits to people I probably don’t know, but it was actually pretty fun and I got to talk to some cool people about why I was doing it and how they were appreciative so they didn’t have to buy condoms.

I was also able to give out some to my roommates who heard about the class and knew about what I was doing before I went to work that day. I think the best part about this is taking away the awkwardness that society has put on taking preventative and safe sex measures. I know I was definitely nervous and felt awkward, which is very rare for me, but people being appreciative and taking them off my hands within about 20 minutes definitely changed my mood. I definitely will participate in this again, even outside of the class.

Amy’s Random Act of Sexiness

Pi1My random act of sexiness was definitely an interesting experience. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be weird, and I’d just be like, “Hey kids, have some condoms!” But at first it was actually really awkward. People just kinda looked at me and rejected the safer sex bags and seemed very skeptical. So, instead of walking around and approaching people I decided to just stand near Sather Gate and yell things.My random act of sexiness was definitely an interesting experience. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be weird, and I’d just be like, “Hey kids, have some condoms!” But at first it was actually really awkward. People just kinda looked at me and rejected the safer sex bags and seemed very skeptical. So, instead of walking around and approaching people I decided to just stand near Sather Gate and yell things.

This seemed to be much more effective. For some reason, people tend to respond better to holding out bags and yelling “Hey! Safer Sex! National Condom Week!” than to going up to them and politely asking if they would like some condoms. In retrospect, the first approach was probably a little creepy, but once I figured out that you can just yell things and people will gladly accept condoms, they went pretty fast. Overall, the experience was pretty fun. Some people were enthusiastic and accepting and others just thought I was weird. But that’s okay, because I am.


pic2When I first got to the table, I was in charge of making condom lollipops (taping condoms to lollipops). Shortly after, the penis suit became available for the shift, so I decided to dress up as the penis and hand out condoms. I was a little too short for the suit, so I had to pick up my balls in order to walk around, but I think I wore it pretty well. I enjoyed being dressed as the penis. It definitely brought a lot of laughs, and I took so many “dick pics” with students.

It was a little awkward when one of my GSIs rode by on her bicycle and made eye contact with me, but I have a surprisingly low amount of shame. Only a few people that I knew recognized me, and they were all happy to take condoms and pictures. It seemed that many people walking by were more likely to accept condoms from a giant penis, rather than regular students. Perhaps they took pity on me, or maybe just appreciated the fact that there was a giant penis on campus.



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