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Nymphomaniacs Chalking for SHAW

Nymphomaniacs group chalking for SHAWOn October 18th, The Nymphomaniacs went to chalk on Bancroft. This portion of Bancroft led uphill to International House, towards the fraternity and sorority houses, co-ops, dorms, and other student living arrangements. We made sure our chalking would hit a large proportion of Berkeley students.

Per request of Kabazzah Kia, we made our first stop in front of his fraternity to announce Kabazzah Kia’s love for SHEP and chalked in bright colors “Cum ask us about safe sex.” Just writing the word “sex” on the paved sidewalk was entertaining as people who passed by were turning their necks and  bending sideways to read what we wrote on the ground. “Sex” is such a powerful word that has the power to throw people off guard and grab their attention. Magic Mike had the idea to draw a penis ejaculating onto the word “cum” to make it more descriptive and visual.

We worked our way up to International house where we chalked “Are you a pro/anxious/interested in safe sex? Talk with a SHEP Sexpert” and Magic Mike chalked “Wanna picture with a penis? 10/28-10/31 on Sproul” and you better believe it, the Penis will be present and Sproul everyday of SHAW. To add a special touch, we alternated drawing penises and vaginas as arrows that led to our beautiful sidewalk masterpieces. We drew vaginas and penises in different shapes and sizes because everybody’s genitalia is different from one another. And that in itself is one of the magnificent parts of sex and our sexual organs.

~ Slip ‘n Slide Summer

Random Act of Sexiness with Jizz-On-Jackie!

On Friday April 5th at 12 o’ clock,  (I’m not positive about the date and time) Alexander Chang and I grabbed a basket and filled it with over 60 items of traditional condoms, dental dams, lube, and insertive condoms and decided to walk along Sproul and give out safer sex supplies. We wanted to target a large and diverse audience so we decided that Sproul was our best option. Alex and I walked along Sproul handing out safer sex supplies to groups on campus and telling people about SHEP. We focused mainly on Greek tables to tell them about SHEP and about potential workshops that we could provide. WhenJackie and Alex questioned about SHEP, Alex talked about how SHEP was a sex positive group on campus and listed the types of workshops SHEP offers. The day was sunny and everyone seemed cheerful receiving information and/or safer sex supplies. Handing out the supplies went by quickly, and soon we were skipping back to the tang center with an empty basket.

Random Act of Sexiness: Reflection from “Double D” Daisy

Double D Daisy 2On April 30, 2013, I went to go pick up the condoms from the tang center around 4 p.m.  Around 5 p.m. I walked to Sproul hall and I decided to hand out the condoms there. At first I was a little intimidated since I was the only girl handing out condoms for free. But later when the students started getting condoms from me, others started approaching and I was able to feel comfortable enough to even start yelling out “FREE CONDOMS” and even started promoting “Go to Shep located at the tang center and get free condoms there” since there were people who kept telling me that “It was nice of us to be giving out condoms just stay safe”. 

I did not have a problem dealing with any creeps, everyone who I handedDouble D Daisy 1 condoms too were really nice and generous.  It was actually a pretty nice experience asking random people if they could take pictures with me showing off the condoms. I found that pretty fun and different to do. Overall, I really did enjoy going through this experience, I never thought that Sex 101 would help me build the enough confidence to freely talk about safe sex, give out condoms, and taking pictures with strangers.  Thank you a lot to both Monica and Kim for a great spring semester.

Random Act of Sexiness: Ass-Grab Allie Experience

          On Friday, April 19, I distributed 30 free condoms outside of the Clark Kerr dining hall as part of my Random Acts of Sexiness.  Being stationed outside of my residence hall’s dining commons, I was guaranteed to get a variation of students to pass by me.  After all, everyone needs to eat.  This proved to be true as many students with differing reactions walked by.  I found that the majority of students just ignored me as a I asked them if they would like a free condom.  Most students were obviously embarrassed and ducked their head to avoid making eye contact with me.   However, some students were more than eager to take one which definitely made my task more fun. 

            Ultimately, I found my Random Acts of Sexiness to be a really entertaining experience.  I was surprised that so many students declined taking a free condom from me.  Although I know that not all students choose to participate in sex, I thought more would be excited about the idea of not having to pay for protection.  I tried to tell some hesitant students that it was better to be safe than sorry, but I was still turned down, showing that for most, their embarrassment overpowers their logic.  Even though this fact made me somewhat sad, the enthusiasm from other students was thrilling and made me proud to be promoting safe sex!


Random Act of Sexiness: Dripping Devin and Cal Baseball

DevinI put off my random act of sexiness for a long time. When I finally decided to do my random act of sexiness I gave condoms to those who desperately need them. I distributed my condoms to the Cal Baseball team.  I knew I wanted to give the condoms to my teammates, but I didn’t know where and when would be appropriate to distribute my presents. I decided that the locker room would be the best and easiest place for me to distribute the lifesaving condoms. At first my teammates looked at me like I was crazy, but then they all grabbed a handful. They realized two things. They realized that they needed more condoms and that I was helping them to protect themselves. 

I found humor in the fact that most of my teammates first grabbed the “Magnum” condoms in order to look impressive. Showering with my teammates every day I knew which guys needed the big boys and which ones didn’t. Therefore I only allowed for the truly blessed baseball players to take the “Magnums” with them. Some people said thank you while others just grabbed the condoms and left. Overall it was a good experience because I was helping out my team and had a lot of fun doing it. I felt like Santa passing out presents to little kids.

I have learned a lot in the Sex decal and with all the dangers of sex I felt like I was really helping my teammates by providing them with more protections. Also, I know how expensive condoms are and was also excited that I was able to provide them with free condoms. Maybe my friends won’t use the condoms I gave them, but I feel happy knowing they have them and if worse comes to worse they will make some awesome water balloons for the team in the future. I would easily pass out condoms to my teammates again.

Dripping Devin, Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health DeCaler

Random Act of Sexiness with Ratchet Rachel

As Spring Semester nears to an end, I finally participated in the Random Acts of Sexiness. Since I live at Unit 2, I decided to stay close-by and distribute my condoms there in the courtyard. I was very surprised of how quickly I ran out of them and I was also pretty surprised by the reactions that I received from various people.

 I started around 6:00 PM and decided just to walk around and approach people. Immediately, after I went out of my dorm, I felt hesitant to randomly pass out condoms. Even though I was hesitant, I decided to approach a girl who was sitting down, fearing that she might think it was awkward and reject my offer. As I walked up to her, I cheerfully asked, “Would you like a condom? I am passing them out for my Sex Ed class”. Gratefully, she accepted it and agreed to take a photo with me as well! This helped me raise my confidence that this wasn’t totally weird and made me more inspired to hand out all of the 1

However, the courtyard was quite empty, so I made my way down to the APR and decided to seek out people to distribute condoms to. Most people were sitting by themselves on laptops studying or doing work but I approached each one and handed them condoms. There were maybe 5 people in the room, I’m not quite sure if it was a study room or a presentation room but it was quite big and they were sitting pretty far apart! Some people, including a guy was very surprised and didn’t think I was seriously handing out condoms but he gladly took them and thanked me for it!

Although I felt that generally people were pretty much excited, surprised or open to accepting condoms, of course, there was the exception of people who were outright awkward about it or hostile to the offer. One girl, in particular said, “No thanks. I don’t have sex” in the coldest tone possible. However, I guess that’s just another person’s point of view and I can’t really bag on it.

What I thought was funny or surprising is that most people didn’t want the XL sized condoms and I felt awkward just offering them to guys because I think that they just assumed that I thought they were big or something. They were the last to be handed out because most people denied them and wanted normal sized condoms instead. In fact, most guys preferred the normal sized condoms and so I started offering them to girls instead, one of the girls even exclaimed that, “Super XLs don’t exist in Berkeley!” Oh, how wrong she is!photo 2

Overall, I felt the experience was a good one and I was able to distribute all my condoms while walking around Unit 2. While it was a little awkward to approach people who were standing alone waiting for someone or having deep profound conversations with friends, I felt like I did my part in the random acts of sexiness and I am happy that I got to partake in the role of spreading the message of safe sex. Stay sexy y’all and have some great safe sex!


Ratchet Rachel, Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health DeCaler

Random Act of Sexiness: the Maxturbation Experience

maxturbationI went to distribute condoms on Sproul on April 26. I was with my friend Robinwood, who is also taking the Sex DeCal. No one really seemed interested at first. This was most likely because we never mentioned that we were in the Sex class. We looked like two random guys giving away sketchy condoms. Once we realized this flaw in our delivery, we explained to people why we were distributing condoms. This allowed people to feel much more comfortable taking the condoms.

A lot of people were interested in the different types of condoms we were distributing. Since we went over this in class, we were able to answer questions and found ourselves engaging in conversations where we educated people about other forms of contraception and safe sex gadgets such as finger condoms and sex toys. Of course some people still avoided us at all costs, but others found us out. All in all it was a pretty fun experience and it only took us about thirty minutes to give away all of the condoms.

–Maxturbation, Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health DeCaler

Safer Sex And You

That awkward but important conversation: So uhhh when was the last time you got tested? Or Should I  bring the… or you?safer sex

I’ve heard a lot of reasons from a lot of different people behind why they might not practice safe sex. Maybe they’re afraid of offending their partner. Or they feel awkward. Or maybe they just don’t want to. Sometimes they might now know how or why it’s important.

By the age of 24, 1 in 3 sexually active people will have contracted an STI. Most STIs are asymptomatic, and many of them are incurable – ever hear the saying, herpes is for life? The good news though: barriers, like traditional condoms, insertive condoms, or dental dams, and talking with partner about testing can you help protect yourself and your partner.

One benefit of using barriers is that it protects against both STIs and pregnancy, something that birth control alone does not do. Traditional condoms often come in many different sizes, shapes, and textures – so there’s bound to be something pleasing to you and your partners. Dental dams protect against STIs that are transmitted orally, like gonorrhea and Chlamydia, and they can be made DIY by just using non-microwavable Saran wrap! If you’re just flying solo, you can use barriers on your sex toys to protect yourself against bacteria.

Don’t forget about lubrication, literal lube, which increases sexual pleasure as well as reduces friction, but also communicating as lubrication. Being open with your partner and negotiating safer sex can make sex more pleasurable – and who doesn’t want that? The conversation might be a little awkward but a little talk can go a long way to protect you and your partners against STIs and pregnancy.

~ Jeni “Jugs”


Communication is Lubrication

“Communication is the key to (fill in the blank).”

This is a quote we have all heard before from parents, teachers, friends, doctors, and even Disney characters.  However, today you’re not going to hear it from me.  Instead of communication being the key to something, today communication is lubrication.  Communication will make your sexual relations easier and frictionless, just like a bottle of AstroGlide.

Touch me here, don’t touch me there, harder, softer…. I think you get the idea.  In order to experience exquisite pleasure you will probably have to find a way to communicate what you want to your partner.  Whether you want to communicate with an extra loud moan when your partner touches your sweet spot, of if you move their hand right where you want it, unless your partner is psychic communication is essential.

Pleasure is not the only subject that needs to be navigated in a sexual relationship.  Safety is paramount and safe sex isn’t something that happens organically.  Who will bring the condoms?  Do I need to be worried about getting an STI?  When were you last tested?  I acknowledge that these are uncomfortable questions to ask, and that you may be afraid of the answers but ignorance isn’t bliss.  Not when it means getting pregnant or transmitting and STI.  Besides that, it’s awfully difficult to get lost in the pleasure and passion of sex when you have a nagging question in the back of your mind.  The trick is finding the right moment and respecting yourself enough to know that your own safety and pleasure trumps any momentary awkwardness.

Once the deed is done, there is one last person it’s important to communicate with about your sexual relations.  When visiting your doctor full disclosure of your sexual history, including: the number of partners you have had, the type of sex you engage in, and the protection and/or contraception you are or aren’t using is necessary.  Your physician can best determine what tests you need if any when they have all the information.  In addition, if you are interested in contraception your physician can help you decide which method is best for your lifestyle.  Hopefully your doctor is someone you can trust and feel comfortable opening up to, if not consider finding a new physician.

This isn’t easy.  I know that it’s easy for me to sit here behind my computer and tell you that all you have to do is talk about things and they will magically be better.  I know that it’s hard, and that it will take a lot of practice.  The first time you ask a partner to use a condom, maybe there will be an awkward pause.  The first time you tell your doctor how many sexual partners you’ve had you may blush.  But once you have taken that step a condom will be unrolled, your doctor will move on to another question and you will be able to take a sigh of relief that you were brave enough to take your sexual health into your own hands.  So lube it up!

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