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Have you Heard of Bad Dragon?

For my blog this week I wish to feature one of the more infamous sex toy companies out there: Bad Dragon. Bad Dragon is a fantasy toy company that produces mainly phallic insertable toys as well as some penetrables, wearables (penis sheaths which add length, girth, and/or texture), packers, and vibrators.



They describe themselves on the about us section of their website as being “born out of a strong desire for a greater selection of fantasy toys to be made available to everyone. [Their] main mission is to do their part in ‘making fantasies real’ for individuals who want to indulge in their fantasies a little deeper.”


Their toys really are from fantasy with each design, along with having a very unique look, usually are accompanied with a drawing of what the creature it is said to originate from is supposed to look like. There is everything from Kelvin the Ice Dragon with a ridged underside and a pointed tip to Pretzal the Swamp Wyrm with a slight S-shape and covered in bumps. Their toys are known for being so ‘out of the box’ that their Ultimate Fantasy, meant to mimic a human, was an April Fool’s joke.


Along with the very unique shapes, the parts one could customize are seemingly endless. There is a wide color variation (metallic, color fading, matte), sizes ranging from extra small to extra large with the difference on each side of the range being huge (for scale they use a soda can), different textures of silicone from soft to firm (and one can get different parts of the toy to be different textures), and one could add a suction cup and/or a cum tube.

With their openness and wide range of options, Bad Dragon serves as an important reminder that sex toys are not a one-size-fits-all thing. There are a wide range of sexualities out there and this company is one of many that fulfills them. Even if one does not crave the fantasy aspect, their toys are of high quality and provide unique shapes that can provide unique pleasures not found elsewhere.


~Caning Kylie

Look Outside the Ballpark: Dismantling the Base System

Baseball is the quintessential American sport with easily recognizable language: bat, ball, pitcher, catcher, bases, home run, etc. It’s hard to ignore baseball metaphors in common language: joining “the big leagues” might mean you’ve received a promotion or a better job, “hit or miss” refers to an opportunity that could be great or bad depending f831ff98-99d2-44e1-9978-b13deb88e798on the context, and “be thrown a curveball” means that something happened that you might not have expected. Around the 1950s, when sex was still mostly a taboo topic, people began to use baseball metaphors as a way to talk about various sex acts. The baseball metaphor explains the sequential steps
in order to score a “home run,” or engage in penetrative sex. Although the exact meaning is intentionally vague, “first base” typically refers to kissing, “second base” is sexual touching above the waistline such as fondling breasts, “third base” is fingering or a handjob, and “home run” is penetrative sex of the penis-in-vagina variety resulting in a male orgasm.


There are several things wrong with this baseball metaphor. When the primary goal is to make a “home run,” this re-writes the sexual script into a game to be won. This set-up implies lower bases are not as important even though they can be just a pleasurable and fun for both people! When male orgasm is the primary goal, there could be incentive to take things as fast as possible and without paying attention to the pleasure of everyone involved; notice how there is no mention of the female orgasm and same-sex couples are overlooked entirely. Many sex acts fall outside the baseball metaphor like fisting, toy play, or kink. Additionally, the order doesn’t have to matter! Consent to one act does not mean that everyone consents to any other act.


Elimination of the baseball metaphor brings consent to the forefront. You or your partner may want to do sex acts out of the order that the baseball metaphor mandates, not do them at all, or try something outside of its realm. Starting a conversation about your limits and desires can be really useful. Remember, communication is lubrication and there’s no “correct” way to have sex!

-Sensual Susannah

Meet the Clit Pumps!

Team Clit PumpsWe are Clit Pumps, composed of me, Slip N’ Slide Summer, Anal-play Angela, and Magic Mike. This fabulous Spring 2014 semester, we are looking forward to introduce folks to insertive condoms during National Condom Week! We are clit pumped to show new people how to properly use an insertive condom to reduce the chance of harm (STIs + pregnancy) for people and have many fun activities planned to do this. Everyone has an anus, so an insertive condom can be used as a barrier method by all folks if they wish to partake in sexual activities pertaining to the anus.

I would like to introduce our new member to SHEP, Anal-play Angela:

Hi world! My name is Anal-play Angela Kim and I’m pleased to meet you. I joined the SHEP team because I love sex and I want, through this program, to help make the Cal campus a more sex Angela for grp blogpositive community. But the larger goal here is to revive and improve sex education and views on sexuality to empower everyone and help them feel good, sexy and safe in their own epidermis. So this semester I am looking forward to reaching out to campus community and learning more about how we all have sex and how we can make sex more safe and more fun! I hope to see you all at events. Go Bears!

Cum visit us, Clit Pumps!

Random Act of Sexiness with Jizz-On-Jackie!

On Friday April 5th at 12 o’ clock,  (I’m not positive about the date and time) Alexander Chang and I grabbed a basket and filled it with over 60 items of traditional condoms, dental dams, lube, and insertive condoms and decided to walk along Sproul and give out safer sex supplies. We wanted to target a large and diverse audience so we decided that Sproul was our best option. Alex and I walked along Sproul handing out safer sex supplies to groups on campus and telling people about SHEP. We focused mainly on Greek tables to tell them about SHEP and about potential workshops that we could provide. WhenJackie and Alex questioned about SHEP, Alex talked about how SHEP was a sex positive group on campus and listed the types of workshops SHEP offers. The day was sunny and everyone seemed cheerful receiving information and/or safer sex supplies. Handing out the supplies went by quickly, and soon we were skipping back to the tang center with an empty basket.

Random Act of Sexiness: Reflection from “Double D” Daisy

Double D Daisy 2On April 30, 2013, I went to go pick up the condoms from the tang center around 4 p.m.  Around 5 p.m. I walked to Sproul hall and I decided to hand out the condoms there. At first I was a little intimidated since I was the only girl handing out condoms for free. But later when the students started getting condoms from me, others started approaching and I was able to feel comfortable enough to even start yelling out “FREE CONDOMS” and even started promoting “Go to Shep located at the tang center and get free condoms there” since there were people who kept telling me that “It was nice of us to be giving out condoms just stay safe”. 

I did not have a problem dealing with any creeps, everyone who I handedDouble D Daisy 1 condoms too were really nice and generous.  It was actually a pretty nice experience asking random people if they could take pictures with me showing off the condoms. I found that pretty fun and different to do. Overall, I really did enjoy going through this experience, I never thought that Sex 101 would help me build the enough confidence to freely talk about safe sex, give out condoms, and taking pictures with strangers.  Thank you a lot to both Monica and Kim for a great spring semester.

Random Act of Sexiness: the Maxturbation Experience

maxturbationI went to distribute condoms on Sproul on April 26. I was with my friend Robinwood, who is also taking the Sex DeCal. No one really seemed interested at first. This was most likely because we never mentioned that we were in the Sex class. We looked like two random guys giving away sketchy condoms. Once we realized this flaw in our delivery, we explained to people why we were distributing condoms. This allowed people to feel much more comfortable taking the condoms.

A lot of people were interested in the different types of condoms we were distributing. Since we went over this in class, we were able to answer questions and found ourselves engaging in conversations where we educated people about other forms of contraception and safe sex gadgets such as finger condoms and sex toys. Of course some people still avoided us at all costs, but others found us out. All in all it was a pretty fun experience and it only took us about thirty minutes to give away all of the condoms.

–Maxturbation, Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health DeCaler

Random acts of sexiness – Ambisextrous Alex


I completed my random act of sexiness on a random Friday afternoon, April 5th. I couldn’t think of any special place to spread the sex-positivity, so I decided to try reliable ol’ Upper Sproul. Luckily, my fellow SHEP intern Jackie came along, so I wasn’t alone!

When we had first embarked on our task, I had actually forgot that people were still campaigning on Sproul. Admittedly, I generally avoid Sproul during campaign season to avoid the constant flyering and campaigning. It was funny to be on the other side, going up to random students handing out safer sex supplies.

Once we had done enough of that, we decided to give all of the people on Sproul a taste of their own medicine: we started campaigning sex-positivity to the campaigners and organization. We ended up talking to some cool sex-positive and feminist candidates, one of whom was wearing a big onesie and stuff some of our condoms in her giant pockets!

Quite a few fraternities and sororities were also tabling that day, and we had the pleasure of chatting with them. I didn’t realize how many greek groups hadn’t heard of SHEP and that we do awesome sexual health workshops. When I told them that we could do sexual health workshops for free for their organizations, so many people were very interested, and we gave them our SHEP email. For those who don’t know, fraternities and sororities are required to have health/risk education for their members. Many opt to have someone come in and talk about alcohol safety, which is very important but why see the same alcohol safety workshop every year when you can have SHEP present one of our very sexy and informative workshops?

Being in SHEP for my third year now, I initially didn’t think too much of passing out condoms on Sproul, but it ended up being an interesting experience. Jackie had actually taken our Sex 101 decal when I co-facilitated it last semester, so I’ve known for a while that she is exceptionally outgoing and fun. However, when it came to talking about SHEP and what we do with different organizations at their tables, she was actually nervous and struggled a bit. I hadn’t realized how much I take my outreach experience for granted, that my SHEP “elevator pitch” will just dribble out of my mouth without much thinking.

It was really nice to get to know one of our new SHEP interns for the semester. I hope doing outreach with me was a valuable learning experience for her, and I’ve no doubt outreach work will become second nature for her as well.

Meet SHEPers Avry and Ianto

“Arousing Avry”


Hey there sexy people, Arousing Avry at your service. As a fourth year psychology major focusing on sexuality, I was shocked to only find out about the Sexual Health Education Program this last fall. Immediately intrigued by the outreach components and sex positivity of SHEP I jumped at the chance to engage with this community. My mission in SHEP is to improve visibility and disseminate sex positive knowledge on the Cal campus, in hopes of igniting awareness about sexual health and the resources available to staff and students. 

“Inventive Ianto”


My name is Inventive Ianto and I’m a second year double majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and Psychology. I joined SHEP because I feel that education is essential in staying healthy and that there seems to be a lot of misinformation surrounding sex. Many misunderstandings can be resolved through an open discourse and SHEP can help develop an environment where people can freely and maturely hold discussions about their sexuality. This is why, this semester, I’m excited about holding engaging workshops where these conversations can take place. 

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