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Bacterial Resistance: What it means for you

Sexual Health is something that is still considered taboo. Many parents are uncomfortable to talk to their children about sexual health. To make matters worse, many school districts and states are teaching children about abstinence as opposed to preventative measures that help prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and sexually transmitted infections. Living in a society where 50% of young adults will have an STD by the age of 35 is alarming! It is important to provide an advantageous and comprehensive way of teaching sexual health in order to prevent STDs/STIs. As STD continue to ravage our society they have now grown stronger and some are resistant to antibiotics.


When there is not a successful way to teach sexual health, more younger adults will find themselves contracting a STD or STI. As we continue to make sexual health taboo, people will continue to contract and treat curable STDs/STIs. Unfortunately, curable STDs such as gonorrhea have become stronger. According to U.S. News article Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea: A Growing Threat, gonorrhea become untreatable is becoming a real threat, with resistant strains found in different parts of the world. Resistance STDs should raise concern because it may mean living with the negative effects of the STD for the rest of a person’s life.

Overall, it is important to create a comprehensive form of sexual health education and create a society that does not make sexual health taboo. Losing effective treatments will hinder our fight to cure and prevent gonorrhea.  Hopefully, this article will spark a change that will allow educators and advocates to create a more comprehensive form of teaching sexual health.

~Sexpert Jasmin

Sleep and Stress

How many times have you had to study for a night before a test or write a paper that was due the next day? You probably did not get much sleep since you busted an all nighter and you probably did not feel fantastic the next day when you took your test or turned in your paper. You probably had to drink endless amounts of coffee to stay awake. Unfortunately, as college students, many of us are guilty of this. We are constantly being bombarded with assignments, projects, exams, and papers. So many due dates can can cause stress in our life, and lacking sleep can make it worse. A constant sleep schedule is good for our bodies, it is critical to get the sufficient amount of sleep in order for our bodies to have energy to continue throughout the day. Therefore, busting all nighters are not healthy for us and can even contribute to our stress.

Lack of sleep can affect others parts of our bodies. Including our motivations and sexual drive. Who wants to have sex when they are too tired? In addition, sleep deprivation can reduce performance and alertness which can cause us to doze off in lecture. This means memory and cognitive impairments, impairing our ability to think and process information! Being sleepy at work or while driving can also lead to injury. Overall, it might lead to a poor quality of life, leaving us unable to participate in certain activities that require attention including social events such as partying, watching a movie, or seeing a friend’s performance.

So make sure you get your adequate amount of sleep in order to live a better quality life. Adequate amount of sleep will allow you to better concentratem_3237982_JaaC1lOsNb9z in class and discussion. It will allow you to better comprehend material and process information. You might have more energy to engage in other activities such as community service, hanging out with friends, exercising, or having sex! Next time, study in advance or write the paper with time instead of having to do it the night before it is due!

~Sexpert Jasmin

Windy Berkeley Days

On Friday, April 2nd, I got to table in front of the Tang Center.  It was a fairly windy afternoon, I even managed to catch the banner blowing in the photo of our table! It feels like I always manage to sign up for windy days, but maybe Berkeley is forever windy… Either way, I was more prepared this time with setting up, considering I didn’t forget to grab the tape, and resorting to more minimalistic set-up.


I really enjoy tabling in front of Tang!  In my first 15 minutes, after setting up, I probably had about 15 people take condoms and flyers.  I personally think there’s a different ambience when in front of Tang, people are more willing to listen and take a flyer, as opposed to being completely ignored in front of Sproul.   At that, there were only a few cases of being totally ignored, maybe like 4 walked by ignoring me when I asked them if they wanted a flyer.  Everyone else either took a flyer or declined politely, which is always comforting.  However, there was this one man with two young children, I didn’t ask to take a flyer but he took a second to read our banner.  Now, I’m not sure if it was because of our table, but he crossed almost immediately after reading our sign, so I thought that was pretty funny.  In the end, I had a lot of fun tabling and I cant wait for it to stop being windy!


-Sexpert Melissa

Housing Crisis: Don’t Stress!

Are you dealing with the Berkeley housing crisis right now? You know, the one where everyone in the dorms is essentially getting kicked out in order to accommodate the larger number of incoming freshman? Is it a huge stressor on top of all of your classes, extracurriculars, and work? I know my friends and I are dealing with that right now and I understand how much of a struggle is, especially when hearing the rent-ceiling is increasing soon, and having property managers that say they are going to help you find a place but they end up just wasting your time and money.


Well as someone in your shoes, I’m here to say: take a deep breath and relax because you’re going to be fine. It’s nearing the end of the semester and being incredibly stressed will only hinder your studying and deteriorate your mental health.  The best thing to do right now is handling time management, keeping up with your classes, and realizing you will definitely find a place, although it may not be with the friends you were planning to house with.

I just want to give a few relaxation tips that I have personally tried and that do not take up much time.  One common suggestion is meditation, however, I never feel I have enough but I have tried meditation apps that I listen to before I sleep (and usually fall asleep listening to them…) so that might be a good time-saving option.  Another one, that I have blogged about before is… masturbating!  Such a nice way to relax and pleasure yourself at the same time!  My last suggestion would be to find a small hobby, maybe writing stories or watching a few episodes of a show you enjoy. Don’t binge, but watch in moderation, and don’t get lost in the stress and become unmotivated.  You’re doing great so far in the semester, keep going or start catching up if you have to, and remember, you will find housing!

~Sexpert Melissa

Bringing SHEP to Sproul

Wow, Spring was great! But it is nice to be back on campus and in the normal hectic Berkeley schedule.  It had been a while since I last tabled but thanks to some unexpected scheduling I got to table for two hours on Wednesday, March 30th.  Props.


To the SHEPIs who set up the table before me, it looked great even and it got the point across even without the banner.

Although I had tabled along for the first hour I did have a few people come up to me, especially since it was during the lunch rush. However, I felt we didn’t get as many people as usual, which may have been because our table was right next to a group selling In n Out and many people were very much focused on that.  Even so, I had 3 people walk up to my table, without much coaxing on my part, asking questions about our program.

In the second hour, Jamee joined me and we had a pretty good time!  Talking about SHEP activities and trying to flag a few people to our table. There was less traffic on Sproul at that time though.  In the two hours, I would say I reached about 15 – 20 people, whether they came up to the table to ask questions or just took a flyer. It was a good experience and definitely motivating to get back into the tabling gig. Come visit us on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11AM-2PM!


-Sexpert Melissa

If You’re Happy, Let Them Know It


Hey all, today I want to talk to you about partner appreciation. A partner can be anyone that you have a connection with. That person can be a friend, lab partner, co-worker, teammate, romantic partner, or sexual partner. Whoever they may be, it is always nice to let them know that you appreciate them for whatever they have done for you or just being there when you needed them. Everybody may show their appreciation differently and that is all fine as long as it is coming from you sincerely. I like showing my appreciation for the people in my life by buying them a gift, making them food, spending my time with them, and telling them know how much they mean to me and how they impacted my life.

Letting one’s partners know that you appreciate them can be difficult for some people to express, but however you do it, they will know you are trying to do because it is coming from your heart. Some times we forget and take people in our life for granted. It is hard to say I never done that, but just take some time to think about that person and how your life would be different without them. Would you be sad you missed out on meeting this person? Would you miss this person if you never get a chance to see them again?

When you get a chance, let someone you care about know that you appreciate them. I’m sure if they feel the same way, they’ll be happy to hear it.

Oral Protection

dam        April is STI awareness month! I just wanted to talk to everyone about a way to protect yourself that wasn’t really mentioned when I was in high school, and that is protection during oral!  Before joining SHEP, I had heard of few common ways to protect yourself during oral.  Of course I had always heard of herpes in the mouth, during those high school PowerPoints of STIs and they would warn us but never told us how to get around this.  I essentially grew up with the misconception of just having to deal with that risk during oral, as a lot of peers did.


Thankfully, SHEP encourages the use of barrier methods in order to properly practice safer sex.  The first step is using condoms for blow jobs.  Yes, I know lots of people find sucking on latex to be gross, however, there are some ways around this.  For example, there are flavored condoms, to mask the latex taste and make it more enjoyable.  Additionally, you can use non-latex condoms, such as polyurethane and you won’t have to deal with latex at all.

In order to practice safe sex during mouth-to-anus, mouth-to-vagina sex or even mouth-to-penis, you can use dental dams, which I believe I have mentioned before.  For dental dams, use one side against the genitals or anus and write a non-reversible letter (like ‘R’) and ONLY use that side for the genitals, and DO NOT mix them up. SHEP has some dental dams that are flavored, some non-flavored, some made of latex, and some made polyurethane.  You can make your own out of latex gloves and condoms, by cutting them down the side and opening it like a sheet! In the end, I just want to remind everyone that although it may seem like a lot of the prep that goes into having safe sex, but before you decide to not use protection during oral, remember those images of herpes on the mouth from high school.  Be safe!


-Sexpert Melissa

Fanny Hill: The First Erotic Novel

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, commonly referred to as Fanny Hill, is a pornographic novel written by John Cleland and first published in 1748. It is one of the most printed books in English, as well as one of the most prosecuted and banned. It is written as a series of letters from Fanny, the main character, to an unknown woman where she explains her life actions and justifies them.
FannyHillThe novel begins with Fanny’s parents dying when she is 15 and her subsequently moving to London from her home village, where after some time of job searching she finds herself working for a madam. The tone of sex for the novel is set when her first sexual experience with a man doesn’t occur until after she has mutually masturbated with another woman and is excited to have penetrative sex.

She goes on to have her first male sexual experience with a man name Charles, a man whom she falls in lust with instantly. He helps her escape the brothel and they come to fall in love, spending almost everyday for months with each other until he is sent away by his father to earn a fortune. Fanny then enters back into prostitution where she learns that sex can be had just for pleasure and doesn’t have to involve love.

For the next two years her sexual journey involves orgies with other women, drag balls, learning how homosexual men have sex, and catering to masochists as well as particular fetishes. The novel ends with her meeting up with Charles whom, after hearing what she has done while he is gone, laments he still loves her and they marry.

Hence, the first English pornographic novel revolves around a woman having pleasurable sex with multiple men in multiple ways with no negative effects. One could say that a lot can be learned from this early depiction of sexual pleasure.

~Sexpert Caning Kylie

Getting Sexpert Experience

As a now experienced SHEP-ie, I was more confident going into National Condom Week tabling. This time around, I was tabling for two hours and had a plethora of supplies: different types of lube and condoms, dildos, a table, and many other SHEP-ies and Sexperts tabling with me. I liked handing out the bags of safer sex supplies we made during class that Tuesday that included 3 condoms and flyers about how to practice safer sex. I took to the center of Sproul with a wicker basket full of the bags and felt confident yelling out “National Condom Week!! Free condoms!!” I even gave a demonstration on how to put on a condom on Willy, the dildo! People flocked the table. Thanks to what I learned in SHEP, I was able to perfectly check the condom, prepare, place it on the dildo, and remove it. There were lots of sex-positive individuals that I talked to about NCW—one particular conversation I had was about different types of lube (water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based) and I handed the individual a sampling of the lubes on display. I thoroughly enjoyed Sprouling and I love National Condom Week! Next year, I’ll make sure to wear the penis or vulva costume….


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