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You’ve Heard About the Wage Gap, but What About the Orgasm Gap?

According to an article in Psychology Today, on average women achieve orgasm with a sexual partner about 39% of the time, whereas men achieve orgasm about 91% of the time. Some critics of this research may suggest that this is... Continue Reading →

Stories from SHEP: Tabling on Sproul

Hello! I had such a great experience tabling this past Wednesday and Friday (which was Valentine's Day)! My favorite part was the reactions people gave when you offered them condoms and lube. It took a bit of experimenting to figure... Continue Reading →

RAS (Random Acts of Sexiness)

  This week was National Condom Week which meant that it was also time for Random Acts of Sexiness. A Random Act of Sexiness consists of us going to a student frequented space and handing out condoms to students who... Continue Reading →

Stories from SHEP: My Experience Being Condom Cupid on Valentine’s Day for National Condom Week

Hello dear readers! I would like to tell you about my interesting and exciting experience of tabling for the amazing Sexual Health Education Program this year. I tabled for National Condom Week on Valentine’s day itself, and this involved handing... Continue Reading →

Stories from SHEP: SHEP + Kappa Kappa Gamma = Sex Education!!!

Hello, dear bears!! I’m “Let’s Get it on Lauren” and I’m here to share a bit with y’all about my experience facilitating a Safer Sex & Contraception workshop with the lovely individuals of Kappa Kappa Gamma on March 9th.  My... Continue Reading →

Stories from SHEP: Boost Day with the Multicultural Resource Center

Getting ready for Wednesday, March 4th was hectic. I knew that I had to table for SHEP during Boost Day at the Multicultural Center, had to go to organic chemistry review sessions, go to classes, and then take my dreaded... Continue Reading →

I Went on a Virtual Date During a Pandemic So You Don’t Have To

  I first met Jason (we’ll call him Jason for the purposes of this blog) on Hinge. We hit it off right away and got into a very intense conversation about whether Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods was the better... Continue Reading →

STIs: Antibiotic Resistance

Hi there Sexy People! I hope you all are having a sexy time wherever you are in this trying time of COVID-19 pandemic. I am hoping you are still keeping it safe and sexy there! Put It All In Poojan... Continue Reading →

You Thought we had a Toilet Paper Shortage? Wait until you hear about Condoms.

You Thought we had a Toilet Paper Shortage? Wait until you hear about Condoms. Amidst all of the craziness that is going on right now due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, most people are quickly stocking up on essentials... Continue Reading →

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