DevinI put off my random act of sexiness for a long time. When I finally decided to do my random act of sexiness I gave condoms to those who desperately need them. I distributed my condoms to the Cal Baseball team.  I knew I wanted to give the condoms to my teammates, but I didn’t know where and when would be appropriate to distribute my presents. I decided that the locker room would be the best and easiest place for me to distribute the lifesaving condoms. At first my teammates looked at me like I was crazy, but then they all grabbed a handful. They realized two things. They realized that they needed more condoms and that I was helping them to protect themselves. 

I found humor in the fact that most of my teammates first grabbed the “Magnum” condoms in order to look impressive. Showering with my teammates every day I knew which guys needed the big boys and which ones didn’t. Therefore I only allowed for the truly blessed baseball players to take the “Magnums” with them. Some people said thank you while others just grabbed the condoms and left. Overall it was a good experience because I was helping out my team and had a lot of fun doing it. I felt like Santa passing out presents to little kids.

I have learned a lot in the Sex decal and with all the dangers of sex I felt like I was really helping my teammates by providing them with more protections. Also, I know how expensive condoms are and was also excited that I was able to provide them with free condoms. Maybe my friends won’t use the condoms I gave them, but I feel happy knowing they have them and if worse comes to worse they will make some awesome water balloons for the team in the future. I would easily pass out condoms to my teammates again.

Dripping Devin, Sex 101: Topics in Sexual Health DeCaler